Studio B Blog Post Benefits of having a website

The benefits of having a website

84% of consumers trust businesses that have their own website.

In today’s world it’s super beneficial to be online. There are many reasons for this and we have listed the most important below.

  • A website makes you look more professional.

Nowadays there is an expectation for companies to have some sort of online presence and having a website enhances a company’s credibility. Potential customers would likely be distrusting of a business if they didn’t have an address or email and the same can be said for websites.

About 79% of consumers said it was ‘frustrating’ when a business does not have an online presence. (IE Domain Registry Limited)

63% of Irish consumers think a business looks outdated if it doesn’t have a website. (SME Digital Health Index 2019).

  • You can attract more customers and increase leads.

Having a website means your business can be accessible to potential customers all over the world. Reaching new markets has never been easier.

A third of SMEs believed their online presence has led to increased revenue. (Digital Health Index 2019).

  • You can provide more information to your customers and potential customers.

Websites make communicating with your customers much easier, whether it’s listing your opening hours or sharing promotions it makes engaging with customers a lot easier and more cost-effective.

  • It raises your brand awareness.

Using specific tools alongside your website allows you to target potential customers with much more accuracy than traditional advertising and PR methods and can increase website traffic ten-fold.

  • It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Having a website means you can be a step ahead of competitors that aren’t online, gain more opportunities and share of voice.

  • It allows you to engage with your customers building trust and loyalty.

Having a website will allow a business to engage more easily with their audience building a rapport. In turn, these customers may become loyal to your brand.

84% of consumers trust businesses that have their own website. (.IE Consumer Trust Survey 2020)

  • It provides you with an outlet to make more sales.

Having an E-commerce outlet allows you to make more sales around the clock and more especially when access to a brick and mortar store is restricted. The importance of E-commerce and the need for an established online presence, particularly for local small and medium-sized businesses, has been highlighted throughout 2020 mainly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Due to these global and ongoing restrictions some shoppers have moved from viewing online shopping as a ‘convenient’ way to an ‘essential’ way of getting everyday goods and services.

  • It’s accessible 24/7.

Having a website means customers are able to find you anytime, anywhere. Even after business hours, your website has the ability to make sales and attract customers.

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